I've always had an affinity for the visual arts, so I knew at age 14, when I picked up the Pentax K1000, I had stumbled upon a new toy and found another form of self expression.  As a student of Black & White  film (still my favorite), I spent four out of five weekdays after school in the darkroom at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in Pittsburgh, PA. 


In a world where digital photography has opened up limitless possibilities for what can be done with an image in post-processing, we still believe that it's important to create the picture before you take the picture, so it 's captured the way you experienced that moment. I love so many old school photographers, who learned to truly and quickly process every aspect of the framed environment before they pressed the shutter release button. Something we aim to do regardless where or what the subject. 


"Allow others, if only for a moment, to experience people, places, things, concepts, and themselves...the way you do."

                                     - Diondre' Jones