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Your Photographer

Uh oooh. Here's the part where I've gotta talk about myself...


Well, I've always had an affinity for the visual arts. As a student of Black & White film, I spent four out of five weekdays after school in the darkroom developing the images I captured on my Pentax K1000.

The world of digital photography has opened up limitless possibilities for what can be done with an image in post-processing. However, I still believe that it's important to create the picture before you capture it. 

I've had the pleasure of putting my lens on some of Hollywood’s most recognizable talent. Although I am the person who ultimately captures the moment, it's the collaborative energy from everyone involved that makes it memorable and special. My goal is not only to create good work, but to do it with and for fun, like-minded people, with dope goals and aspirations, who I enjoy being in the company of.

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