Photography... its Purpose

Photography! Now, more than ever, people have the ability to capture images at the tip of their fingertips. The smartphone has revolutionized the standard for society's ability to create a photo. We can get into the history of photography, the tools, equipment, film vs. digital, raw vs. jpeg, etc., etc. However, the purpose of my first post is to talk about what photography is all about. Its general purpose, as you will. Whether you're a professional who takes photos for a living or a hobbyists who does it for fun; it's purpose generates from the same place: to capture a moment. One moment at a time. A moment to be shared. A moment that will never occur again. We are capturing Life through Light.

The beauty of photography, being a visual medium, is that the work speaks for itself. If done effectively, it needs no explanation.

Disclaimer: I am no expert. Although at times I am paid to act like one, ;-) I am speaking from experience mixed with a subjective perspective that you can agree or disagree with. That's what makes it so beautiful. There is really no right and wrong. Only effective and more effective.

As a 14 year old starting in photography, I told my then teacher and mentor that I liked taking pictures. "Stop right there." he said. "You will not be Taking pictures. You will MAKE images. CREATE them. That is done before you press that camera button young man." I love photography so much because it is a medium that requires only one of your senses, but has the ability to stimulate all of them. With the use of lighting, composition, depth of field, perspective, you can influence, sometimes even control the feelings and thoughts of the people viewing your work. Just look to the mass media for proof of that. An image repeated enough times becomes a truth for many. Images shape our perception of who we are; as people, as a society, as individuals. It shows us the truths we choose to acknowledge in our past and shapes the reality we will live in the future.

So what is the purpose of photography...? Simply put. TO CAPTURE LIFE. However you perceive it to be.

There is truth in every image.

Since much of my focus is in portraits, I figured I'd post this. This is a photo pulled directly from my camera. We're not getting technical about composition, white balance, detail, etc. The function of this photo is to catch a moment. In this moment, this is the first time this Cali girl has played in snow. I'm from the east coast. So I couldn't wait to get away from it. But, again, the function of this photo is to capture a moment. A first of something. A moment she will never forget. A moment that when she thinks about years from now, she'll have frozen in time to look at.



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